Top 3 Best Baseball Bats For Youth

Bat selection is the most important step of a young baseball player before starting. In order to simplify this process, choosing well-known and highly rated baseball bats for youth from prestigious brands is a good idea. Therefore, the list of top 3 youth baseball bat reviews for youth below would be very helpful.

Easton Mako Composite

baseball bat

As implied in its name, Easton Mako bat is a composite bat. However, the composite used to make this bat is a special technology from Easton called TCT Thermo Composite Technology. Thanks to this advanced technology, Easton Mako is lightweight and has considerably large sweet spot. In fact, sweet spot is the most outstanding feature of Easton Mako series and is considered one of the best in the market. Furthermore, Easton has also applied their Hyperskin technology into the Mako series to increase comfort and minimize vibration. The combination of those cutting-edge technologies bring Easton Mako the smooth and effective swing, most of young players would find no difficulty when using this bat. It comes in various sizes, so any child could easily find the suitable bat for their weight and height.

Easton S500C

Recently, modern technologies have brought numerous amazing features to baseball bats. At this time, there is no baseball bat that can prove the great contribution of technologies better than Easton S500C. There are several reasons that make Easton S500C become the most popular baseball bat for youth in the market. S500 has amazed thousands young players with its ability to create fast and powerful swing despite light weight. This ability is the result of an impressive material called 7050 aircraft alloy which is used in aircraft manufacture. Furthermore, S500C is two-piece bat which is specially designed to optimize energy transfer. It means that the energy is transferred efficiently within the barrel to the ball, not back into players’ hand. Therefore, it always brings the most comfortable feel to players.

DeMarini 2015 CF7 Youth

Like Easton, a leading baseball bat maker like DeMarini has to apply more and more technologies into their products to enhance their competitive advantages. If Easton has S500C, DeMarini has CF7 youth as a symbol of technologies applied in making bats. DeMarini 2015 CF7 Youth also has special composite material named Paradox Plus which could strengthen swing power but still keep its weight light. Besides, the famous D-Fusion patented technology of DeMarini has done a great job to reduce vibration and offer stiffness for the bat. Regarding comfort level, this CF7 youth doesn’t lose to Easton S500C which already received lots of praises.  The RCK Knob in DeMarini CF7 make the bat fit perfectly in players’ hands and therefore, brings the most comfortable feel to players when playing. Lastly, this bat has quite large sweet spot. With all the above great features, it’s understandable that DeMarini CF7 youth are chosen by many young players in several youth leagues.

To sum up, DeMarini and Easton are the two best baseball bat makers in the market. With profound experience and huge properties including numerous amazing exclusive technologies, these 2 brands always have the best products in the market. Therefore, selecting a baseball bat for youth from DeMarini and Easton could save you a lot of time and effort.

How Not To Be Afraid Of Driver

Golf driver of choice: open or closed loft loft?

The choice of loft depends on several factors: your level of play, the general shape of your swing, your normal ball flight and the one you are looking for. The ultimate goal is to find the best compromise between comfort, power, accuracy and consistency. To choose the loft that suits you best, we must also take into account the quality of the used shaft that goes, too, have a big influence on this ball flight. The higher the loft is, the easier the golf driver is to play, you need to choose a loft generally between 8.5 ° and 10.5 ° and is best also to the course on which you usually play. Today, there are technological tools for analyzing bullet trajectories may well inquire about the most forgiving driver you should use.

beginner golfer

The golf driver and iron, same gesture?

The main bases of a good swing are obviously the same, but the striking angle is different. With a golf driver and the ball sitting on a tee, the striking angle is more neutral and therefore requires a little more horizontal swing plane. The goal with a golf driver is also gaining in distance, it will produce more speed and amplitude of the swing will be greater. But beware! In wanting to make the distance, remember to keep a good pace and balance to the finish. Continue reading “How Not To Be Afraid Of Driver” »

New To Golf? Simple Golf Tips You Get

You just have to decide whether to take the recently started playing golf, here are some essential but simple golf tips to get started on the right foot.

It is very tempting to jump in and buy a beautiful new set of expensive golf clubs. But no. Today’s golf equipment comes in a variety of different golfing styles and abilities. Since you’re just starting out, and you really do not know what kind of clubs will suite you best, hold off on the purchase. Golf clubs are not cheap. To spend a few hundred or even thousands of dollars you should expect a set.


If you receive a complete set of golf clubs, it does not suit you, so you’re stuck. Those most likely to be sold, but it will be a great loss. If you absolutely need your own clubs, start with a half-set. Generally, this consists of five irons, two woods and a putter. Get irons odd – 3,5,7,9 – and wedge. This gives a lot of work has begun. Continue reading “New To Golf? Simple Golf Tips You Get” »

Top 3 Best Running Shoes Brand For Plantar Fasciitis

There are thousands of running shoes in the market which are claimed to be able to help people who have plantar fasciitis to relieve pain and improve condition. In order to produce good running shoes, usually shoes makers are required to spend a lot of effort and money in research and developing technologies. Therefore, it’s better to look for some running shoes brands which have good reputation in helping people with plantar fasciitis. There are 3 brands that are praised the most: Asics, Brooks and New Balance.


ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

Asics is a famous sport shoes and equipment maker based in Japan with 67 year history. Most of products from Asics are good and highly praised but this brand is mostly known for its running shoes. The price of Asics running shoes is quite high compared with other competitors but it’s understandable considering the huge amount of effort and money they have poured in research and developing new technologies in order to make their product become the top in the market.

Many plantar fasciitis patients prefer Asics because of their cushion. Cushioned shoes from Asics are very soft to the level that some customers have described walking on Asics cushioned shoes is like walking on cloud. And it would be big mistake if talking about Asics running shoes without mentioning their amazing GEL cushioning components. GEL is a material which has ability to reduce shock and is used widely in most of Asics products for shock absorption.

Besides, Asics has applied several advanced technologies to improve the sole of their products such as lightweight EVA material, FluidRide midsole, DuoMax Support, ect… Those technologies have done an excellent job to significantly improve arch and heel support, enhance stability and durability of the shoes.

Furthermore, Asics also has many lines of products which every detail is specially designed for different foot form, different walking styles to satisfy all customers.

With these above features, there is no doubt that Asics is loved by many people who have plantar fasciitis.


Brooks is a US company established in 1930 and specialized in making running shoes. Brooks is famous with their customer-driven strategy that they always try to meet all customers’ requirements and needs.

In 2010, Brooks introduced a new technology called DNA. It is a cushioning technology which is claimed to be able to provide appropriate amount of cushion for each foot strike. Therefore, you don’t have to concern about the differences in people’s feet, gender, age… your feet will be always cushioned properly in any Brooks running shoes. It might sound like a magic but it indeed works. That’s why Brooks running shoes are picked as the best for plantar fasciitis for many years. Recently, DNA technology is upgraded to the better one called Super DNA and it will soon be applied in Brooks’ newest products.

Another signature technology from Brooks is guide rails. Guide rails will keep your feet aligned properly in every step and therefore, enhance stability.

New Balance

New Balance Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

New Balance is always a reliable brand name when it comes to running shoes. It’s hard to find any list of top running shoes without New Balance. New Balance shoes are also favorite choice of many plantar fasciitis patients thanks to their amazing comfort and support features.

First of all, all New Balance shoes are made from combinations of high-quality materials which are lightweight but very durable.

Talking about technology, it might take a day to list all of new technologies that New Balance is applying to maximize comfort level and support ability of their products. Every year, they introduce new technologies, new products with plenty of innovations and greater comfort. Many of those technologies are exclusive such as N2 Cushioning System, Fantom Fit System Fresh Foam midsole, RevLite foam, … This is also a great competitive advantage of New Balance. Thanks to the considerable amount of technologies, through the years, customers are always amazed by innovations, improvements in comfort level and many other new features of New Balance running shoes.

Another point that makes plantar fasciitis patients love New Balance is its variety of choices. No matter what type of foot arch you have, how you walk or stride, how serious your plantar fasciitis condition is, you can always find a pair of New Balance that could satisfy you.

Lastly, New Balance running shoes have a wide range of price, averagely falling within 80 – 180USD. Therefore, it’s easy to find a high-quality pair of New Balance running shoes with affordable and reasonable price.

In conclusion, the above mentioned brands are probably offering the best running shoes in the market. However, brand name is not the decisive factors. Plantar fasciitis patients are always recommended to do enough research before making decision.

Buying The Right Set Of Golf Clubs

While it is true that the great golf players can play with mediocre clubs, it is also true that the right set of golf clubs can improve performance and shorten the learning curve you just started. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to choose an appropriate set of golf clubs. Often this can lead to the development of bad habits and play with golf clubs that are not well suited for the player or playback conditions. This article offers a few things you should consider when deciding which set of golf clubs is a good fit for you.

Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Package

The shaft of a club is usually constructed of steel or graphite. Often referred to “bend” or “flex”, the flexibility of the ball player control shaft impacts. The least “flex” A well, the more control, a player can have. Many experts recommend that experienced players with a powerful lapped, swing clubs use less “Flex” by giving them more control. However, if you start to learn the game and do not have a powerful swing, some experts recommend starting with a tree that has more “flex”.

Each set of golf clubs feels differently for each player in different set of conditions. Resist the temptation to buy a club without trying first. It is not enough just to swing while standing in the store. You should take them for a test drive. Test the clubs on the ground and in the conditions in which you will probably play often.

For example, to test how the club performs and feels in various wind conditions. In addition, test them on ascents and descents. You can get a good idea of how they perform in your hands on the driving range. But the driving range cannot offer the real conditions for a game of 18 holes. If you really consider buying clubs, golf stores are often happy to let you try them on the course.

best golf clubs for beginners

If you are new to the game, you need to determine your level of dedication. Play once every few months or visiting the driving range and now so why not require a set of golf clubs. In this case, buying a cheaper set of golf clubs may be the best choice. However, if you intend to spend time to learn and improve over the long term, you should consider buying a defined brand. Many beginning golfers make the mistake of buying a cheap set of golf clubs when investing in a significant amount or fixed once the golf bug has bitten them. Evaluate your dedication to make this decision.

Set of golf clubs can affect your performance. The right stated in the right hands, can help an experienced player compete more aggressively. In deciding which set of golf clubs to buy, the first thing to do is decide how much dedication you have to the game. Knowing this, it is easier to choose between investing in a set of brand or buying a cheaper solution. Then, visit a golf shop (preferably with a nearby golf course) and ask if you can test a set of golf clubs. Once you get a good feeling for a set of golf clubs, you are ready to purchase and start playing.

What To Look For In The Best Golf Rangefinder

Our article is based on both objective data as well as subjective opinions to complete its analysis by reconciling technology and practicality. In order to purchase a good golf range finder, we need to figure out what are the most important criteria of a golf rangefinder. The criteria that we evaluate to choose a golf rangefinder are:

The precision

Precision Pro Golf Nexus Laser Rangefinder

Precision Pro Golf Nexus

The rangefinders golf  equip themselves generally excellent accuracy below 1 meter under ideal conditions, but there are more accurate golf rangefinders than others. Besides the classic rangefinders, there are ones found with countervailing slopes. Indeed, the distance will not be the same as if you stand in downstream or upstream of the target. But know that these meters are not allowed in competition. Back to our weather conditions (rain, fog, glare …), they have a direct impact on the quality of precision. All manufacturers claim to at least a maximum approximation of 1 meter, some are in the order of 0.5 m or 0.1 m. But we believe that the measure may vary from rangefinder to another is not so much in relation to the accuracy but by its ability to target the flag, which depends both on technical factors (quality and zoom optics or the software algorithm) and physical factors proper (the weight of the equipment, ergonomics, size …), which leads us directly to the next criteria.

Ease of use

It depends on the user interface, size and weight, the reticle … We tested laser rangefinders golf for you in real time. Beyond the grip, the ability to detect the target, read measurements, switch between different modes, will be taken into account. To give you a quick idea of the points to consider: number of buttons, dimensions and weight, shape (vertical or taken a hand, horizontal or two-handed grip) reticle, focus and zoom, battery life, navigation and dashboard.

The ease in obtaining the measures

Differences between rangefinders are

golf rangefinder reviews

– The triggering of the measure (press / hold, hold / release …)?

– Zoom, bigger is better?

– The weight?

The form, and so the grip?

All these factors may influence the player’s ability to measure distances.


Which modes and features are available on every golf range finder? Is there anyone out there enough to really distinguish them from each other? Regarding rangefinders with slope compensator, what kind of information do they offer?

Besides the basic function of a laser rangefinder that is to measure a distance, it varies depending on how the player interacts with the instrument for distances and different ways to get them. Not to mention the slope compensating laser rangefinders that can sometimes provide advice on which club to choose thus depending on the inclination of the terrain, but also taking into account the altitude and temperature!

A quick glance at the criteria:

– The different modes (pinpoint, jolt, play, etc.)

– Activation mode (press / hold / release)

– Sealing (to play in the rain or throw the bag into the lake after a 92 card

Cost and Value

It takes less than 300 € to almost € 700 for the slope compensating rangefinders, the price does not necessarily correspond to the value of a product to you to make the right for the purchase of your future golf rangefinder!

General Tips For Softball Players

Tips on How to Hit better in Softball

Spend twice as much time on the beat as he does in his defense. Hitting is a difficult skill to learn, improve and master. Long time to become a highly skilled hitter and ultimately needed, equipment selection are often made by which can contribute to the offensive. If you are a pitcher, look for the best softball glove.

Select the mainmast that can rotate without losing bat speed or faulty mechanical development. This will give the maximum power.

best softball bats

Hold the bat with your fingers. You have much more strength and control with your fingers instead of the palms.

Adjust your position in the box according to the type of pitcher they face., For example, move up in the box when to drop ball pitchers face and run in the box when rise ball pitchers face.

Do not change your swing just before the season or during the season. A new twist takes a long time to learn. You can make minor adjustments, but not great possibilities. The best time to change your swing is right after the season.

Stay relaxed at the plate. Tight muscles are slow muscles and succeed on the plate. You have to be quick. Muscles relaxed shoot faster.

Make each account swing. You should not turn just for the sake of setting. Each oscillation must have a specific purpose either to work on a technical element, drive the ball in a specific place, or adapted to a particular field.

Do not concentrate on his batting average, but his OBP. This is a much better indicator of overall performance on the plate. Reaching a base on an error or a walk is good as getting a hit.

Tips – Softball Common Injuries and How to Prevent them

If you play any sports, including softball, you can expect to get injured at one time or another. It is a part of the life of any athlete, especially those playing at an elite level.

One of the main reasons for this is that playing any sport your body undergoes a lot of stress. Your joints are constantly in contact with each other, muscles and ligaments stretch and contract repeatedly. Injuries resulting from these activities are called overuse injuries.

Then there are also those injuries that are called traumatic injuries. These can be caused by severe impact during the game. Traumatic injuries in softball can happen when you accidentally collides with another player or when hit by a ball.

softball slide

Here is a list of some of the most common softball injuries and a brief description of what they are:

  • Tendinitis – this injury commonly affects the shoulders and knees softball players. With tendinitis, tendons in these parts of the body become inflamed. This condition occurs when joints are overused, or are not given enough time to recover after a workout. It can also happen when a player performs the wrong running or throwing the ball mechanics
  • Sprained ankles -. Since softball involves a lot of running, players are also subject to the risk of having ankle injuries. When a player’s ankle, which could have a minor or complete ligament tear that support the ankle twisted. Ankle sprains in softball can be caused by lack of balance, running on uneven parts of the field, and even accidentally stepping waste.
  • ACL injury -. ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament. It is the ligament that connects the thighbone to the tibia at the shin. Women are more prone to this type of condition. Although the chances of an ACL injury are higher in contact sports, it can also happen that players noncontact sports such as softball. An ACL injury can occur when a person suddenly twists the knee or suddenly changes direction. It could lead to a strong explosion that is the real sound of a torn ligament. The knee would then swell shortly after that.

Prevention of These Injuries

What I have shared with you are just 3 of the most common injuries related to softball. But while they are common, there are things you can do to protect yourself from these.

On the one hand, and I can not stress this enough, always warm up before and cool down after playing. Warming your body prepares for the intense activity that is about to do in the field and run, hit or throw the ball. Cooling, meanwhile, returns to his body to its status before game so you can begin your recovery.

Besides, warm up and cool downs, you should also give your body enough time to recover. Your body can only take too much stress in one day. That’s why you should also be given at least one day to recover. During the recovery period, just rest and not train or play the game.

Now that you know the most common injuries in softball ensure that the precautions I have shared with you so that would stay injury free all season softball are made.

How To Choose The Best Golf Cart

How To Choose The Best Golf Cart

When spending a lot of hours playing golf, better equipment is needed: the best clubs, best dry, and best balls, best golf cart.

The golf cart, trolley or caddy sometimes called, is a much more important than it seems. You will undergo during your journey, indeed, but also before and after the amount in your vehicle and folding and booklet.

When you spend a lot of time on the course, dragging several kilos bag, club, water, and balls, have adopted a golf cart is a major asset to play better golf. For Christmas, a good golf cart is a perfect gift.

best golf push cart

What Is A Golf Cart?

The role of a golf cart also called “trolley” or “caddy” is to transport your clubs during your workout and allow you to follow the green quickly. If you frequently play several hours per week, purchase a golf caddy is a necessary step. Several elements are taken into account when making your purchase:

  • Ease of folding and storage carriage
  • Maneuverability
  • Its nature (pulled, pushed or motorized).

What Are The Different Types Of Golf Carts?

There are three types of golf carts:

  • The motor-driven carriage
  • The drawn carriage
  • Pushed the truck

The motorized carriage has three or four wheels, which gives it excellent stability. It is heavier to carry but then will make the little effort on the green thanks to motorization.

The drawn carriage has two wheels. It is particularly suited to slightly sloping ground.

The carriage has pushed three or four wheels, which gives it a relatively good stability. It is ideal for use on flat land. If you want to save your efforts to the maximum when transporting your equipment, the purchase of a motorized trolley is, of course, the ideal choice. If you choose a non-motorized model, make sure it has an adequate system of checks, particularly if it could be very loaded or playing in a rugged area.


The electric golf trolley

If you do not want to pull your trolley along the route, the electric golf cart is a good solution. Some have an onboard computer allows even the automatic shutdown or sent remotely. Others allow to stand in the back and avoid too much time walks. However, it is not because it is the motorized carriage to be too heavy and it must go anywhere without risk of tipping.

Three wheels push cart

A 3-wheeled golf cart has two advantages:

It grows instead of shoot.

Traction is more traumatic because it induces a twist of the shoulder that does not impose the carriage three wheels.

It is based on three wheels.

It is, therefore, stable on the floor it is stationary or moving. When you move, the strength that you deploy only serves to push your golf caddy, not to keep it in balance.

The setting and locking points

Whether a four wheel golf cart, a three wheel golf cart or electric trolley, remember to check the quality and strength of the chassis. The manufacture of materials such as carbon and titanium are light and durable. Nevertheless, they are quite expensive. The steel golf trolley is especially recommended for very intensive uses. As for the aluminum frame, it impresses with its light weight, rigidity, and strength. Otherwise, stainless steel frames are the most beautiful although quite a substantial effect. Furthermore, the closing points are also among the key criteria for choosing a luxury golf caddy, golf cart wheels or 3 for a cheap golf cart. So you have the choice between the catches, screws and latches.

How to choose a golf cart?

best golf push cart

Playing golf in carrying his bag on his shoulder is not practical. It’s tiring and bad for the back. That is why we must quickly choose a trolley according to its weight, its size, its resistance, its accessories.

Other useful components

  • Your golf cart must have an adjustable handle.
  • Nothing is worse than a truck too high or low top that forces you to bend you or to rub the ground.
  • Your golf trolley must have a durable frame.
  • A golf bag is heavy, especially with a full set and a bottle of water.
  • A good golf caddy has useful accessories.
  • A waterproof carrier to adequately protect your scorecard, storage for balls and tees. Like a bicycle, a holder for water bottle can be helpful.

If you still consider to choose the best golf carts, visit to find more details.

All About Softball Bats

All About Softball Bats

Are you a new softball player? Do you know which bat to choose for the best performance? Do not worry! You came to the right place. In this post, I will tell you all you need to know about the softball bat to go for the purchase. Keep reading and follow our instruction.

What Are Softball Bats Made Of

Softball bats have been around since 1887, but only since 1969 has seen the sport significant changes in the materials used to make bats. Here’s a look at the history of softball and the use of technology to create materials sticks made of aluminum, titanium and composites to improve performance.

Tips for Increasing Fastpitch Pitching Speed


The game of softball was invented in Chicago in 1887, and for 82 years, the game was played with wooden sticks. Bats are mostly from the ashes, but also pine and maple. In 1969, the company Easton (Easton now -Bell) introduced the first aluminum bat (see Resources).

It took about a decade for the wooden softball bat to almost nothing. In late 1970, aluminum bats are used almost exclusively, and ten years later, manufacturers began introducing softball bat bags made of materials such as titanium and composite materials.


The 1980s saw the introduction of titanium softball, which was stronger, denser and longer-lasting. However, the performance of some softball bats caused titanium were banned by organizations softball for security reasons. Safety concerns

They are also emerging on bats in composite materials, introduced after 2000.


Composite bats can be made of various materials, including carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar, and the more you use, the better the make. Some compounds bats are not made entirely of composite material but are coated with thin layers of the composite substance. Several manufacturers market products that sticks can make a ball recover faster in a crash as a “trampoline effect”.

Curious fact

Softball bats can not exceed 34 centimeters in length, 2.25 inches in diameter or 38 oz weight.

Choosing The Right Size Softball Bat

best slowpitch softball bats

Not all softball players must use the same softball bat. Just as different players wear gloves and pads of different sizes, they also need different shifts. Take your time to decide on a stick for you to choose exactly what you need.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Softball
  • Batting gloves


  1. Determine what type of bat you need. Are you playing slowpitch or fastpitch softball? There is a difference. Slowpitch bats are weighted more at the end of the stick to exert more power in slowpitch. Fastpitch bats are more uniform across the barrel of the bat to allow faster bat speed during a swing.
  1. Find out what bats can be banned in his softball league. Contact your league office and ask for a list of what is prohibited. The list can change from season to season, so you should check before using the bat of the season. A small mistake can lead to a reprimand from league officials, especially if you try to use the same stick in several games.
  1. Go to a local sporting goods store to try several different sticks. If you use batting gloves, take them with you. Find the section bat and softball bat type you need, either slow pitch or fast pitch.
  1. Ponte batting gloves. Keep a softball bat in his hands and takes into account the weight and length of the bat. If you have a lot of strength and a quick bat speed, you will want a heavier bat. If you are weaker, you need a lighter bat short. The weight may be located at the bottom of the handle. The length is on the barrel of the bat. Try several bats of different weights and lengths before deciding on a bat.
  1. Each bat swings away from other clients and other sports equipment. Use your batting routine all to determine which club is best for you. Pretend that you are setting up in the batter’s box with his batting stance. Hold the stick as you would when you are preparing for a launch. Then the swing as regularly would. If you have a bat fastpitch, do not forget to pretend Bunting too. Make sure the stick is right for you in all situations that strike.

Finding more information about choosing fastpitch or slowpitch softball bats in

Health Benefits from Playing Golf

Health Benefits from Playing Golf

We often think that golf is a not really a sport and that it has nothing to do with our health. Just go online read some golf swing analyzer, golf GPS reviews,…. Then choose the best golf equipment and go out to the course and play. We do not have to work too much with our muscle so playing golf does not help improve our health. If you still think so, you should change your thoughts. Golf is not just about reading golf swing analyzer reviews and taking a few lessons and hitting the ball. If that were true, there would not be so many people falling in love with this game. In fact, golf can help us lead a healthy life. Today in this article, I will share with you some health benefits of golf not not many people know even we have played golf for golferso long.

The first benefit of playing golf is that we can expose ourselves to the outdoors. In this modern world, most of us spend too much time sitting in the office with the computer screen in front. That causes a lot of health problems for our eyes, our back and every other part of our body. So playing golf outdoors is really a cure to our tired body – the product of digital age. There are a lot of studies proving the advantages of exposure to the green areas. Accourding to those studies, spending time in the green areas can help us relax and take away stress. That is not all. We can also soak up vitamin D better when we expose to sunlight, which can promote the growth of bone in youth. By playing golf, we can also reduce the risk of getting depressed or heart disease.

I  have just only shared with you the first health benefit of golf. Does it sound persuasive enough for you to take your body to the golf course? If it is not enough, then we will move to the next health benefit that golf brings to us. Golf can foster our relationships. Maybe you already know it. You can not play golf alone. It is a social sport. When we play golf with our friends, we can deepen our friendship. When we paly golf with new people, we can have more friend. Now you may wonder that it is true that golf can help foster relationships but where is the health benefit? Keep patient because I’m going to explain to you. Studies have shown that people with a lot of friends with live much more healthily then the ones who do not have no or few friends. So fostering relationships on the golf course can also help us close a lot of business deals. When we are happy with our successful business, we will also be healthier. Although golf is not like football or basketball which requires us to run a lot to help us burn many calories, golf gives us time to talk and interact with our fellows.